Dec 15, 2009

Chilly Monday outfit

hat: H&M
Coat: H&M
Shoes: thrifted
barely visible purse: thrifted
Pants: TJ Maxx
The lovely Stephanie of Dores handmade took a few photos of my winter outfit yesterday afternoon. She caught me on a rare day when I was wearing more department store clothes than vintage clothes. Ah well, sometimes your favorite thrift store lets you down & you have to buy a $25 slave labor coat instead.

Dec 8, 2009

And then today it snowed a lot more.

Tonight I went outside on the back porch feeling all shaky, cold and insignificant wearing my fake fur & red lipstick. It was snowing so much and it was so beautiful that I decided not to be at war with the cold weather anymore. Maybe these peaceful feelings will turn sour next time around when I have to shovel & drive at 10 mph, but for now I'm happy looking out the window.

Dec 7, 2009

Text isles

Gorgeous patterns and textiles by Andrea Williamson
She's part of a super rad collective in Scotland called Text Isles that is definately worth checking out.
How I long for that Cuckoo clock.

Dec 6, 2009

Mini shop update

I added a few things to the vintage shop today.
I really wish those black granny boots were my size. I love anything European made, and these are truly amazing. How often do you find wool and fur lined European shoes??

Dec 4, 2009

Winter daydream

Rubypearl makes the most magical dresses. I'm so in awe of her creations; her things make me feel like I'm inside of a dream. She pieces together vintage doilies, slips, scarves, and corsets-- all of my favorite things.

Dec 3, 2009

Today it snowed

cape by thrush
Coat by Retrothreadz

To ease the devastation I experienced when I stepped outside into the first significant snowfall of the year, I browsed thru some of my favorite etsy shops for vintage winter gear. Getting to wear pretty coats & scarves is some compensation for the miserable weather headed my way.