Dec 8, 2009

And then today it snowed a lot more.

Tonight I went outside on the back porch feeling all shaky, cold and insignificant wearing my fake fur & red lipstick. It was snowing so much and it was so beautiful that I decided not to be at war with the cold weather anymore. Maybe these peaceful feelings will turn sour next time around when I have to shovel & drive at 10 mph, but for now I'm happy looking out the window.


  1. its snowing here in boston too. im kind of using it as an excuse to stay inside all day. your insane asylum adventures sound wonderful! there was an abandoned one in my town too, but i was always to scared to go explore there. thank you for the book recommendation, im going to it right now!

  2. i see you're in milwaukee- i'm in madison, myself, and took photos of the first snow because i was so excited. little did i know...

    and yeah, i now get to leave at least a half hour earlier for work than i normally would. good grief, wisconsin.