Jan 24, 2010

A fierce kind of dainty

I'm so in awe of these pictures! I love how the outfit is a blend of so many different eras.
There's something about wearing over the knee boots with a short skirt that makes you feel like you can conquer just about anything. I also love how the white blouse & elegant brooch kind of offset that very fierceness.

photos by Pauline Darley.

Jan 21, 2010

Ballerina for a day

Shirt: TJ Maxx
Jeans: Poochies Closet on etsy
Suede bag: thrifted
Indian necklace: scavenged by my grandpa & his metal detector
Shoes: thrifted

Photos by Stephanie

I've been wearing these high waisted jeans almost everyday since I got them. I sewed in the straight legs to make them skinny jeans, and I'm so in love how they turned out! I think they look super cute with a plaid button up tucked in, or even just a plain scoopneck. I felt like a ballerina with my hair up so high, especially since I was wearing such tight clothes too!

Jan 19, 2010

Etsy update

I did a little shop update over the weekend. The thrift stores have been loaded with really great boots these days, but almost none of them are in my size. Major bummer. Or maybe not because I seriously would've kept them all & my closet is overflowing as it is. I should be one of those old ladies Oprah always surprises with a cleaning crew and a mental diagnosis.

Jan 14, 2010

Sometimes in the winter it's fun to..

find that one sunny spot in the middle of the carpet and lay down, & only get up when it's time to flip the record

have this many blankets on your bed

vandalize the dressing room sign at TJ Maxx because what it said made you want to VOM

listen to one of your favorite friends read Savage Love aloud while waiting for your food at Chopstix

deep fry every weird thing you can find, because eating warm food in the winter makes you warmer, kind of.

Jan 13, 2010

Tell your boyfriends

I did a little menswear update today in my vintage shop. I'm not really sure if etsy has a big male audience, but I thought I'd test the menswear waters anyway. I think a lot of what I posted would look good on girls & dudes both, especially the super cozy grandpa cardigans, which I was pretty tempted to keep for myself.
& I finally found a place to take pictures! These were taken at an antique shop downtown. Their stairway is the perfect spot for natural light in the winter, and the store owner was only a little reluctant to let us use it. My friend Joe was a good sport, too, and he looks quite dashing in the photos.

Jan 11, 2010

Etsy wishlist

Amazing 1930's dress from VolenskaVintage

Oxford pumps from OldBaltimoreVintage

Gorgeous handmade silk dress by LJLambillotte

1920's velvet dress from KennedyHolmes

I am so absolutely broke right now, so this post is probably a really bad idea because it's just making me want to snatch up every single one of these etsy gems. I've been so obsessed with dresses from the1920's and 30's lately. Everything was so well made back then and the silhouettes and fabrics were just so luscious!
My mom recently showed me her collection of vintage clothes and I almost toppled over when I saw all the gorgeous dresses & lingerie & hats, all from the 20's. When she was my age she found stuff like that at thrift stores all the time! One day I'll dress up in them all & take some pictures to post.

Jan 10, 2010

Vintage update

Today I added a heapload of shoes to my etsy shop. It turned out to be an unintentional cowboys & indians theme.
I've only been adding shoes and bags lately because it's just so hard for me to find places to take pictures in the wintertime. The lighting is never right because it's so gloomy out all the time, and I can never find the right background, since the walls in my house are all covered with various pictures and strange objects. I'll find a solution one of these days, though, and when I do, my shop will look so spiffy!

Jan 6, 2010

My aunt's handmade bling

A few weeks ago, my lovely aunt agreed to let me take photos of her handmade jewelry collection. She just started her etsy shop and wanted some pictures on a real model, so I volunteered my photography abilities and my sister's modeling skills. I'm so amazed by what she makes, it's all so gorgeous!