Feb 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

My agenda for today includes nothing too romantic, besides the usual cuddle session with Scout. I like this picture because she's totally oblivious to the smooch on her noggin, yet you can tell she has a feeling she should be embarrassed about something.
Today I'm looking at houses & meeting with landlords all day. I'm so excited to move on March 1st, we've been finding really amazing houses that are all miraculously affordable! Then later tonight I'm seeing Cory Chisel & Jason Boesel play at the marvelous Turner Hall Ballroom. I'm super excited because I haven't gone to a show in way too long, and I even weaseled my way into getting in for free. I quite enjoy not paying for things.


  1. I think we all know scout always looks embarrassed :-D
    Good luck house hunting. I'm so excited for you. I have a vintage kitchen table with your name on it!

  2. So cuuute!
    All the best in finding the best home sweet home~