Feb 23, 2010

Vintage update

This week I'm going to be slowly adding each of these things to the vintage shop. I would do it all at once, but I've just got so much going on these days! I'm moving in less than a week, and I haven't even begun packing. I'm quite intimidated by the thought, actually, considering I own more stuff than those people on Oprah who get a surprise "interference" visit from a clutter expert. I really am super excited to move, though; the new house is absolutely gorgeous! I'll be living with 3 roommates, but I swear I won't even notice they're there, that's how big the house is! I'll post pictures when I'm all settled in.

Thanks to the lovely Vanessa for letting me use her studio for the photoshoot!


  1. the flowered dress and black tie shoes are great finds!

  2. your've got a lot of cute stuff going on here, but oohhh the 2nd purse and red boots.... LOVE!

  3. eeee! is that a coach purse i spy?

  4. Love all the bags and the reddish lace-up boots!