Jan 10, 2010

Vintage update

Today I added a heapload of shoes to my etsy shop. It turned out to be an unintentional cowboys & indians theme.
I've only been adding shoes and bags lately because it's just so hard for me to find places to take pictures in the wintertime. The lighting is never right because it's so gloomy out all the time, and I can never find the right background, since the walls in my house are all covered with various pictures and strange objects. I'll find a solution one of these days, though, and when I do, my shop will look so spiffy!


  1. so strange! i've been finding a lot of ankle cowboy boots at the thrift store recently too, wonder what must be going on. ps: all of these shoes are tempting me to spend some money in your etsy store <3

  2. i love the cowboys and indian theme!