Jan 11, 2010

Etsy wishlist

Amazing 1930's dress from VolenskaVintage

Oxford pumps from OldBaltimoreVintage

Gorgeous handmade silk dress by LJLambillotte

1920's velvet dress from KennedyHolmes

I am so absolutely broke right now, so this post is probably a really bad idea because it's just making me want to snatch up every single one of these etsy gems. I've been so obsessed with dresses from the1920's and 30's lately. Everything was so well made back then and the silhouettes and fabrics were just so luscious!
My mom recently showed me her collection of vintage clothes and I almost toppled over when I saw all the gorgeous dresses & lingerie & hats, all from the 20's. When she was my age she found stuff like that at thrift stores all the time! One day I'll dress up in them all & take some pictures to post.


  1. Thank goodness your Mom had the sense to keep her vintage clothes. Can't wait to see the pictures, hint, hint. It kills me to think of the vintage beauties I had and got rid of, who knows why, how or where. You girls would die for them. Like I am for those black boots with the silver tips, if only they would fit (says cinderella!)

  2. cute finds!
    and i love your header :)

  3. oh thank you! that dress is so amazing, i just love the color and everything! but all of these are just so beautiful, you've made a wish list for me too <3