Jan 13, 2010

Tell your boyfriends

I did a little menswear update today in my vintage shop. I'm not really sure if etsy has a big male audience, but I thought I'd test the menswear waters anyway. I think a lot of what I posted would look good on girls & dudes both, especially the super cozy grandpa cardigans, which I was pretty tempted to keep for myself.
& I finally found a place to take pictures! These were taken at an antique shop downtown. Their stairway is the perfect spot for natural light in the winter, and the store owner was only a little reluctant to let us use it. My friend Joe was a good sport, too, and he looks quite dashing in the photos.


  1. i will for sure tell my boyfriend! i love all of these:)

  2. Always tempted to start a mens! I feel like it would still be girls buying it, though, for their man.

    good luck!